Eating Out

PRAYER POINT 1 - Sponsorship for each child.

Please pray for the vulnerable children of Ethiopia. That they will have provision for shelter, food and education. Pray that there minds will be open to learning. Pray for the school to eventually be able to provide education for all the vulnerable children in that area that currently don't have access to school. Pray that each child will receive sponsorship of $25.00 USD per month.   

Ethiopian Women

PRAYER POINT 2 - Health for the people of Yeki

Pray that Hope Academy can provide clean and potable water to their students and community. Pray that we would receive a donation to build a water well.


PRAYER POINT 3 - The sick children in our project.

Please pray for the children's health.The children in our project have experienced great loss. All of their parents have passed away from Malaria, Tb, or AIDS.  Many of the children in our project are HIV+.