The vast majority of the Majang people have not attended any type of school. Our vulnerable children will be provided with two meals plus excellent teaching. Future vision for Hope Academy includes expanding the primary school to 6th grade. Then building a secondary school that teaches trades for those that cannot move onto University.


Deunche Village Project    

Roots to Wings - Africa is running a project in Yeki, Ethiopia. Many of the children have lost their parents due to Aids, TB and Malaria. We will be starting a K-2nd primary school specifically for these children. There are so many needs to start a school. Please prayerfully consider donating a one-time gift to this project.


Roots to Wings - Africa is working to create sustainability in Yeki, Ethiopia. In our efforts to attain sustainability we are committed to hiring local teachers, cooks, security guards, maintenance and ground keepers. We aim to support local families for fostering and overseeing the orphans attending Hope Academy. A donation of $50 per month would support 1 teachers salary.


Orphan Sponsorship                

There are over 500 orphans in the surrounding area of Deunche Village.  We have recently added 40 vulnerable children who have lost parents due to Malaria, Tb or Aids. For only $25 per month, you can sponsor a child. Your sponsorship covers : much needed medical help, meals, school supplies, uniform, and clothing.